ResolveStar is at the forefront of the industry providing unparalleled
web-based, real-time legal bill analysis, review and control.

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Customized Solution

ResolveStar delivers premier litigation cost management solutions based on your workflow.

ResolveStar enforces your rules, your guidelines and your company’s policies in effort to monitor time and costs while providing you with a wealth of information enabling you to manage your litigation fees and expenses more efficiently, accurately and successfully.

It is our commitment to present you with consistent service, quality and savings all through an intuitive user-friendly interface.


For our clients and our firms, time is money. Logical, easy-to-use interfaces for all users enable quick, efficient, and productive processing and payment of invoices.

Turnaround Time

ResolveStar informs users of the items that require their attention. ResolveStar’s real-time interactive To Do Tickler highlights outstanding workflow items and takes you directly to the page to address them.


It is in the interest of all users of ResolveStar that consistent application of rules is applied to all counsel. The ResolveStar platform eliminates arbitrariness and subjectivity.


Hundreds of client chosen algorithms are applied to invoices to ensure accounting accuracy. Fixed rates, variable rates and flat fees may be accommodated to enforce pre-existing rate treaties.

Audit Trail

The internal line item level audit of all firm submissions provide the necessary detail to satisfy the requirements of A/P and A/R departments, auditors, CFOs, and finance departments of all ResovleStar users.

Fiscal Responsibility

ResolveStar has evolved with the industry maintaining and enhancing its focus on allocation of resources, proper staffing and the power of using modern systems to generate analytics to help its clients make educated decisions.

ResolveStar Grows with the Industry

Speaking the languages if insurance, law, medicine, billing and auditing is critical to ResolveStar’s success in understanding the needs of its Users and Clients. That knowledge has not only put our clients at ease but has also facilitated direct specialized site development to meet their requirements.


ResolveStar is truly customized to each client. No two versions are the same. Your institutions concerns, rules and guidelines are coded to become Your working version of the web service. As policies change and new intitiatives are deployed ResolveStar works them into Your working version of the platform.


ResolveStar is proud to recognize that its success and robust structure is the result of years of collaborative efforts between it and its clients and users. Many of the features, displays and functionalities that now exist are the direct result of input from our clients and users. ResolveStar’s willingness to incorporate these changes and enhancement has repeatedly kept it ahead of the curve.


HIPPA Compliance and SOC2 Certification.
ResolveStar uses the most advanced security technologies to ensure data integrity, privacy and compliance with protocols. Encrypted data exchange with our clients in real time into their data and claim management systems facilitates a complete data profile between ResolveStar and its clients.

Benefits to you

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Designed to empower users with the tools to update information in a real-time environment.


The foundation of real-time processing is data management. Timekeeper, user, case list, team, and rate data must be current and complete for all Clients and all Firms.


Client-side matter management requires approvals and budgets of all types. ResolveStar's customized interfaces provide the tools to acquire permissions prior to invoice submission.


Each Client has different rules. At upload verification tests are run on all invoices. Users are immediately informed of status of the submission and any edits or changes that must be made.


All invoice transactions occur in real-time between users. Communication betwen the parties is provided at all stages in order to satisfy guideline requirements and accuracy.


Information harnessed through processing coded invoices is powerful. Claims handling at all levels may be measured as Clients use data to evaluate compliance and use of resources.


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