ResolveStar Services

ResolveStar provides specialized services along with its basic invoice processing features. Many of these have become invaluable to our clients and the experienced professionals at ResolveStar will provide clients with advice and recommendations to help them create the most powerful, effective and comprehensive legal expense analysis tool.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Budget creation and monitoring interface
  • Client-specific interfaces
  • Completed invoice delivery to finance or captives for EFT or check drafting
  • Coordinated formulation of invoice analysis criteria & rules matrices
  • Electronic invoice receipt, analysis, and processing
  • Import/Export scheduled data exchange between ResolveStar and Client CMIS
  • Invoice routing
  • Participatory Litigation management guideline drafting
  • Prior approval interface for task based services and expenses
  • Quarterly client meetings
  • Real-time Citrix-based support screen sharing sessions
  • Reporting services
  • Scheduled report delivery
  • Site-based on-the-fly invoice creation
  • Split fee and relationship invoice breakdown and delivery for payment
  • Unlimited user training
  • User Manual creation