Welcome to ResolveStar

ResolveStar is at the forefront of the industry providing unparalleled web based legal bill analysis, review and control. We are committed to delivering premier litigation cost management solutions on your terms. ResolveStar enforces your rules, your guidelines and your company’s policies in effort to save money and time while providing you with a wealth of information enabling you to manage your litigation fees and expenses more efficiently, accurately and successfully. It is our commitment to present you with consistent service, quality and savings.

ResolveStar Advantages

The ResolveStar solution provides a true alternative to processing paper-based invoices. All invoice transactions are in "real time" and each invoice includes an "audit trail" which can be reviewed at any time. Vendors can query invoice status by simply logging on to the site.

  • Proven, 3rd Generation System
  • Real Time Invoice Processing.
  • Straightforward Implementation, in as Little as 30 Days.
  • Intuitive System Interface.
  • User Friendly Environment.
  • Eliminating Invoice Status Inquiry Calls with Vendor Self-Help.

Delivering Superior Invoice Management by...

  • Streamlining the Invoice Review And Approval Process.
  • Authenticating Invoices Through a Proven Automated Screening Process.
  • Allowing Flexible Guideline Implementation.
  • Reducing the Total Cost of Invoice Processing.
  • Providing a Browser Based System for Access Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Providing Aggregated Finanical and Performance Data.

How it works...

  • Law Firms Electronically Submit Invoices to ResolveStar, Invoices are created by the Law Firms Time and Billing Software or can be Created Online.
  • Initial Testing is Performed Instantly Notifying the User of Any Potential Errors.
  • Invoice is Tested Against Outside Counsel Guidelines.
  • Non-Compliant Invoice Line Items are "Red Flagged".
  • Once "Red Flagged" Line Items are Addressed the Invoice is Sent For Payment.